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Island Resort & Hotel Project

Koh Man Nai is located about 300 meters on the west coast of Koh Chang, opposite Kai Bai Beach, and is approximately 70,000 sqm. area. The island is suitable for the development of a resort, hotel business.


It has its own water source. Electricity can be generated using a generator or mains supply from Koh Chang with approval from local authorities.


Koh Man Nai has a cliff running along the western side of the island that serves as protection from the monsoons, while on the eastern side there is a white sand beach in a small cove.


The island has large and small rocky outcrops and a small cave. There is easy access from the east to the west side of the island for stunning sunsets and sunrises.


Koh Man Nai Island Sales Prices - $ 2.750.000

Turnkey resort and hotel reconstruction cost - $ 15.000.000

Registration for a Thai company (under the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand)

Payback period 10 years



Based on the resolution of the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand, investment funds entering the territory of the Kingdom for the purpose of acquisition and construction are required to register with the Land Department of the Kingdom of Thailand. Without registration of land-related projects, investment funds will not be credited to the investment accounts of the companies and will be returned to the sender's bank.Guarantee: Registration of the project for the investor or his representative (registration of the project contract in the land department of the Kingdom of Thailand)



Construction infrastructure:

  •  25 Bungalows with 1, 2 bedrooms
  •  Hotel 3 floors with 60 rooms
  •  Residential building for the staff of the island
  •  A restaurant
  •  Bars on the seaside
  •  Outdoor Park for holidaymakers throughout the island with walking paths
  •  Laying and connecting electricity from the mainland
  •  Construction of a pier for yachts and boats


Grace period for this project is 8 months

 (construction and launch of the first stage of the hotel and the formation of infrastructure)


The investment project can take place in the presence of the investor's representative (from the moment of signing the investment contract throughout the entire construction period of the project) Payment for the investor's representative in the Kingdom of Thailand rests with the host of the project and the official registration of a Work visa with a work permit for the Kingdom of Thailand is carried out at the expense of the host company. investment project.



On September 14, 2021,

amendments to the law are being considered where foreign citizens can register land in their own name.

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Местоположение: Таиланд, Чонбури, Паттайя

Информация об участке

Площадь участка, Га:7.0
Категория назначения землепользования: ЗНП Земли населенных пунктов


ЭлектроснабжениеЗаявка не подана, возможность электроснабжения участка есть


2 750 000 $( ~ 392 900 $/Га)
2 750 000 $ / м²
145 664 495 руб. или 2 606 386 €
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